Meet Your Trainer

          Namaste. My name is Tomme Fent, and I love yoga! I love sharing yoga with students in my classes in Gresham, Oregon, and in beautiful settings around the globe in yoga retreats and trainings. I am committed to teaching yoga as a way of life, enabling my students to be present in their bodies and their lives. 

          My students include individuals from teenagers to octogenarians, and from those just beginning their yoga journey to advanced students and yoga teachers.  I'm a graduate of YogaWorks teacher training, and a certified Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) through Yoga Alliance, with over 1,000 hours of teaching experience to thousands of students. I'm also a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider. In addition, I am a lead trainer for 200-hour yoga trainings through Epidavros Yoga School in Gresham. I particularly enjoy studying yoga philosophy, and illuminating for my students the blueprint for living provided in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and other ancient texts, while sharing stories from my own journey as a wife, mother, grandmother, attorney, author, businesswoman, artist, activist, and recovering addict.

          I believe nearly everyone can benefit from yoga, regardless of their age, physical fitness, or health challenges. The physical practice of yoga - asana practice - benefits all of the body’s systems, and helps our bodies remain able to move with ease as we age. Asanas also help quiet our nervous system so we can truly relax and find peace. But the physical practice is only one aspect of yoga. For those who also embrace the teachings of yoga, the breathing practice (pranayama), and the meditative practices, yoga can become much more than a way of “doing” something - it can become a way of “being.”

          I want to share that path with my students. It is my goal to offer interesting, varied classes that awaken both the body and the mind, and leave my students feeling centered, present, and ready to face the world beyond the studio. “With great respect and love, now the blessings of yoga instruction are offered.” Sutra 1:1.


From time to time, Moment-by-Moment Yoga Retreats works with Epidavros Yoga School to provide 200-hour yoga trainings around the world. Epidavros Yoga School offers both 200-hour and 300-hour yoga trainings at its facility in Gresham, Oregon. To learn more, click on the Epidavros button below.